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Terms of Service

Preliminary Remark is a free service, providing the technical requirements to play online-accessible music sources for private use. As follows (http://) is called streamdrag.


1. Protection of Privacy

1.1 streamdrag really cares about the privacy protection of its users. Private or personal-relevant information or Specific User Data will be processed for internal use only and will not be sold or given to any third party. There is an Exceptional Rule handled with strict conditions (see 1.4). Specific User Data is defined as information / data which can be clearly matched with a pesonal individuum respectively an account.

1.2 streamdrag does save so-called Identification Keys (Cookies) on the computer of the user. Such Identification Keys are required by streamdrag. They are used by streamdrag for technical purposes only (Language Settings, Login, etc.).

1.3 streamdrag collects several user data (see 1.1 and 1.2). This contains storage of the users IP. This is required to provide the highest security (Login-Locks), but also to provide playable contents that depend on the users IP (e.g. because of license agreements). In any case, the IP of the user is claimed by the Exceptional Rule mentioned in 1.1 and explained in 1.4. Therefore no other agreement of the user, than the Terms of Services, is needed for this special rule concerning the users IP.

1.4 Exceptional Rule (according to 1.1):
streamdrag wants to give its users a many possibilities of using services and features. Therefore it could be necessary to send Data to a third party. To prevent the user from its data being abused, this circulation of data can only be done under the following circumstances:

  • The user agrees with the circulation of certain required data. This is the case, when the user explicitly wants to use a service / feature that is obviously requiring data by a third party. (e.g. by activating a specific feature).
  • The following data is not included in circulation of data:
    Prename, Lastname, Location, Phone number.
  • It has been checked before that the respective third party does not use or save the data in a way that would not fit with our Privacy Policy (Protection of Privacy).

1.5 To avoid abuse of user data and to securely maintain the protection of data it is necessary that the user does keep his access data secret. When choosing a password the user should consider using a complex mix of characters so that the password cannot easily be guessed. When typing in a password the user should make sure that no one is looking him / her over the shoulders.

2. Copyright

2.1 streamdrag is against illegaly copying of music. This service does not give the user the possibility to reproduce or to copy audio contents.

2.2 streamdrag forbids the use of software enabling copying audio or video contents played / provided on streamdrag (Ripper, Videokonverter, o.Ä.) except when an explicit permit is given.

2.3 streamdrag is not responsible for the found and provided playable audio contents or video contents. This contents are provided by third parties (see 2.5). However, it is possible to exclude particular contents out of our system so that they cannot be accessed with our system anymore.

2.4 All technical resources (HTML-Code, JavaScript-Code, etc.), and all other contents subject to copyrights. Unlawfully copies can cause legal action.

2.5 List of the current third parties, providing audio or video contents: YouTube

3. Use of Service

3.1 streamdrag is a so-called Mashup-Application and offers a streaming service for audio contents (video contents) of third parties for private use. streamdrag itself does not save any audio or video contents on the own servers and is therefore not source of the played conents. streamdrag has no influence on the provided contents of third parties (see 2. Copyright). streamdrag only provides the technical device making it possible to play such sources.

3.2 The use of streamdrag is free per default und has no hidden costs. However, it is possible that streamdrag offers / will offer Premium Services. Such services will be clearly marked as such and have to get a clear agreement by the user (e.g. by paying a fee). The costs for Premium Services have to be clearly visible and transparent.

3.3 streamdrag is willing to maintain itself as good as possible. Nevertheless, streamdrag offers its services on a voluntary base. Therefore no legal action can be made forcing streamdrag to be available / to make its service(s) work.

4. Third-Party Contents

4.1 Since streamdrag is a Mashup-Application several contents of external servers are included (e.g. Videos, Lyrics, etc.) which are provided by third parties (see 2. Copyright and 3. Use of Service). Those contents are copyright protected, however some of it underlies free licenses. Occasionally streamdrag can give detailed information about that (on request). In any case specific rights have to be demanded directly from the copyright owner. 

4.2 streamdrag is allowed to show advertisement on every place of the application / website. This advertisements could generate contents which streamdrag has no control over.

4.3 In general streamdrag has no influence on content of third parties but can partially exclude contents on request so that they are not anymore accessible on streamdrag.

5. Changing of the Terms of Service

5.1 streamdrag has the right to change the Terms of Service at every time. To protect our users, changes will initial take effect 14 days after they have been published. Therefore the user will be notified about the changes per E-Mail. If the user does not contradict within this time period, changes will be automatically accepted.

5.2 If there are two or more paragraphs clearly taking issues with each other, after changing the Terms of Services, the changes are seen to be void. In this case the previous Terms of Services take effect.

6. Canceling / Deleting the account

6.1 streamdrag allows its users to delete their accounts at every time without an explanation. To delete the own account it suffices to send an E-Mail to  []. The account will then be deleted after 72 hours.All user-relevant data and private data of the user will be deleted too. To prevent abuse, it is necessary that the user sends such an E-Mail with the address he is registered on streamdrag.

6.2 streamdrag has the right to delete an account at every time without explanation.

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