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About us


Music amazes, music creates emotions and music pushes emotions.Music is the language of the world and thats why it should be available wherever you are. Therefore our biggest aim is to make music available wherever it is possible as simple as possible and to create new, innovative ways of listening.


Who's behind streamdrag?

We really like to listen to music - favoritely everywhere. streamdrag is a project made by the software and design company activenode. We are a literally dynamically-changing team. activenode works with several companies and partners to provide the best opportunities of creation processes. The core of activenode is David Lorenz, CEO and Main Develeoper.



streamdrag is based on the idea to keep music available everywhere, completely on legal basis. The big questions in the early beginning was: How can that be made? The answer: YouTube.  With the initial version of streamdrag (August 2008) it was possible to search for Music in YouTubes big database and to stream the audio without the video. The Feedback was very good. After enormous user-flows and an article in, one of the biggest Multiblogs for Social Networking and Web 2.0, YouTube got attention on streamdrag. Although this should be a good thing, it brought us into trouble. YouTubes API agreements did not allow to grab only the audio content. Therefore we got temporarily on a blacklist. The video was then flew in at the side of streamdrag, YouTube was contacted by us and removed us from the blacklist. The application was back again. We recognized early what it means for a web application when it does not work for about 2 days - enormous user loss.  In version 1 playlists could not be saved, they were lost after leaving the page. In general there was no store feature, just a super-simple but effective music application.

With the second version of streamdrag (2009) serveral things changed. A redesign was made to make everything more easy and more comfortable. It was now also possible to directly access single tracks with a direct Link and to share it to friends via facebook or twitter - extra FB- and twitter-Buttons were made. The code (our work) was much more complex than in the first version. You could login into an account after registration and save up to 50 Playlists. 

The third version of streamdrag was completely redesigned and became a complete new code to prepare streamdrag as a music application for future extendings. Nothing out of the earlier version was taken over.  We had a new concept  to realize: More content, more user features. Important improvements were Plalist-, Track- and Profile pages as well as the infinite paging of search results. A perfect basis for a music application was created.

Streamdrag Music Service | an activenode project