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streamdrag API

The streamdrag Programming Interface sdAPI offers very cool possibilites for developers to create own music applications. The internal Caching-System gives the API a very fast access performance.


What de API offers:

  • Searching music videos (at YouTube)
  • Searching Artist with a database about over 1.5 Million artists
  • Song-Parsing: Strings like  Artist- This is a title will be parsed and given back as <Artist, Title>
  • Artist Proposals: Search for similar artists / artist proposals
  • Search Lyrics (Beta)
  • Statistics


How the API works:

To be able to use our API a is initially necessary to get a Developer-Key. To send request we provide specific Programming Classes. At the moment we support PHP 5.3 officially. Currently, the API is only available for single / chosen developers. If you are interested in the API, please contact us.

Streamdrag Music Service | an activenode project